How to get the best impact for your transport company.

We have noticed our clients who use professional fleet cleaning systems think the same!

All are proud of their vehicles and keep a regular grooming regime using our truck washing systems.

Here at Spray Pump Services we deliver professional pressure washing equipment for vehicle fleets.

These are not just water blasters – they are specifically designed for the transport industry.

Our Fleetwash machines enable the business owner to make a statement to their customers by;

  • 1   Maximizing your signage, paintwork and special effects etc.

This marketing costs a lot, and you are crippling yourself by allowing it to be obscured by road film and dirt.

  • 2  Being particular about the exterior condition of your vehicle conveys similar care and pride taken with your customers products.

People notice details like cleanliness and vehicle surface conditions – especially when their products are close by.

  • 3   A tidy and clean vehicle appearance usually associates with well maintained efficiency.

An efficiently run company gives your customer confidence in their choice of carrier for their goods.

Our professional machines give you the advantage when washing your vehicle.

KiwiGuard Fleetwash 1

Entry level Fleetwash systems starts with the 240V single phase 2.2kW electric Kiwiguard Fleetwash.

This exceptionally robust unit features simple operation, heavy frame and neoprene filled rubber tyres.- No flat tyres!

It  also features a reliable industry standard detergent dispenser system ensuring accurate chemical dosing.

A heavy duty, over engineered 1450RPM pump /motor with 13LPM and 90 Bar (Pumps are rated to 210 Bar) is included.

A simple diversion valve controls detergent or rinsing mode.

Detergent is automatically mixed into solution in the on-board tank ready for covering your vehicle with activated product.

This is a very rugged mobile unit with efficient water consumption, suitable for single user and small fleets.


It is suitable for small to medium size fleets with high daily duty cycle.

KiwiGuard Fleetwash 3

Large fleet systems generally consider the efficient three phase electric versions.

This heavy duty stationary 400V three phase 5.5kW system features a  self-diagnostic electronic control system.

It utilizes heavy duty components from 15LPM to 21LPM and 2000 to 3000psi if required.

An integral water flow actuated flow proportional dose pump manages accurate chemical control


This system is highly suitable for medium to large fleets with high duty cycles for cleaning regimes.

Our systems all maximize detergent efficiency by delivering the exact dose to clean your vehicle.

They accept all industrial concentrated detergent brands.

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Talk to the experts and get the solution to your vehicle cleaning requirements.

Check out the options and accessories and get with the cleaning program!




Truck cleaning made easy

The KiwiGuard Fleetwash system is a new generation vehicle washing system.

Utilizing reliable industry components, it is represented in a modern robust mainframe.

Designed for the most demanding of environments and very easy to use, this unit is suited to any site with 240V single phase power and garden tap water supply.

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Built for longevity, this system is a valuable investment for your company image.

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5 points to look for in back pack sprayers

Are you confused over back pack and garden sprayer options?

How do you confidently decide which back pack sprayer is your ideal choice?

Do you include serviceability, spare parts and expert advice in your decision?

In this industry, ‘getting what you pay for’ is very relevant – and with manually operated sprayers ‘getting the cheapest will do’ will usually bite you – hard!

Here’s some common sense advice for choosing a back pack sprayer:

  1. Look for recognized brands – check what parks and council staff use – ask property maintenance contractors about their choices
  2. Check if those brands have agents and back-up service locally available
  3. Check that accessories are available to optimize your tasks
  4. Check the tank volume suits your operations
  5. Check that technical information is relevant and current – ask the experts!

Back pack sprayer image

Spray Pump Services recognize the above brands as having;

  • Consistent quality
  • Spare parts and serviceability
  • Alternative small pump-up aprayer models available
  • Manufacturers support
  • Excellent value for all industries

Call the experts at Spray Pump Services for the right advice and be confident in your choice. Check the website – and get us on:

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Want to automate pressure cleaning?

Efficiency gains from automating a pressure cleaning operation can have an early pay back!

Technical details can often overshadow the long term benefits – you just have to start with the basics.

First stop is to establish the real financial cost of your existing manually operated system – if you have one.

Or – consider the new opportunities available;

  1. Higher more consistent levels of cleanliness
  2. Lower water and energy use
  3. Safer and simpler operations for personnel

Modern technology offers a wider range of accessories and nozzles for process washing or treatment.

Product washing  – or washing product handling equipment with an automatic system is an obvious saving.

Spray Pump Services have extensive experience in nozzle and pumping systems for in-line systems.

Repetitive, dangerous and dirty applications may require a robot for control.

If you already have an experienced robotic system integrator, adapting a suitable system is achievable.

Applications include;

  1. Humidifying (environment moisture control or disinfecting)
  2. Atomizing (fogging or misting for wetting or coating surfaces)
  3. Cooling (after heat inducing operations)
  4. Washing (single pass application, cold or hot water with or without detergent agents)
  5. High impingement (for rapid cleaning or cutting soft tissue)
  6. Multiple impact (for pressure scrubbing surfaces)
  7. Deburring (removing casting flashes and sharp edges for metal and ceramic surfaces)
  8. Descaling (Post heat treatment of metals)

As with all treatment processes, reducing human involvement reduces risk.

This can be achieved successfully by doing the following things;

  • Keep the operation as simple as it needs to be – minimum movement where possible.
  • Incorporate easy control for operators.
  • Fully shroud the treatment with a well thought out enclosure.
  • Engineer good access for preventative maintenance activities.
  • Incorporate adequate drainage and a self-clean cycle if possible.
  • Employ safety devices everywhere possible.

Contact Spray Pump Services for the appropriate plunger pumps suitable for automated systems:

Spray Pump Services provide the key proprietary components and accessories such as;

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Nozzles
  • Couplings, connectors and swivels
  • Strainers and filters
  • Pressure switches
  • Pressure hoses

Spray Pump Services offer the specialist equipment and advice for y0ur application.

The 4 most important questions for high pressure pumps

The trick is to match a pump system to your job – efficiently and consistently. Identify your task accurately!

  1. Are you cleaning, treating, disinfecting, cooling, cutting, flushing, or suppressing efficiently with HP water?
  2. What pressure and flow will achieve your task?
  3. What is the expected or allocated time to achieve your task?
  4. What accessories can be utilized to optimize performance?

Astute supervisors and managers will purchase new equipment adding up to a 50% design margin for duty cycle to minimizes wear and maintenance requirements.

 Get advice and information on the most important component – the pump – first!

Then optimize with valves, nozzles, guns, control options, connectors and couplings and safety devices to enhance your operation.

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