5 Things You Can Do With A Three Point Linkage Sprayer On Your Farm

A good 3PTL Sprayer can take care of many jobs that you’d normally need other equipment for.

Here’s a small list:

1. Sanitising

  • Disinfect a large area with minimal hassle
  • Ideal for chicken, deer or goat farming and where ever hygiene levels are important

2. Water Blasting

  • It goes without saying, 3PTL sprayers can make great water blasters with up to 5000psi (depending on the pump model)

3. Multi-Gun Spraying

  • Have up to 3 guys working with sprayer guns from your 3PTL sprayer (forget the hassle of back-packs sprayers)
  • Perfect for medium pressure applications and applying something in a hurry

4. Fire Fighting

  • Great for controlling small scrub fires (although we didn’t tell you this!)

5. Water Trough Cleaning

  • Attach a suction device (sludge pump) to empty the water trough
  • Clean the empty trough using the high pressure sprayer
  • Use the surplus water to refill the trough and get on to the next job

Oh yeah, and you can use your three point linkage sprayer for regular stuff too like spraying paddocks.

If you’re struggling away with an ATV sprayer or you’re frustrated with your existing setup, let’s talk. Call me (Mike) on 07 847-7811.

Bertolini 650 Litre Farm Pack

Our most popular Three Point Linkage Sprayer

We have a large range of 3PTL sprayers available, although most popular is the Bertolini 650 Litre (Model: BA001-530FP-8)

  • 650 Litre tank
  • 55 Litre per minute pump
  • 8 Metre Boom

Check out the full specs or contact us to talk more about three point linkage sprayers for your farm.

ATV Sprayers: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy Your Next ATV Sprayer

Are you in the market for a 12 Volt All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) sprayer for your farm? Ask yourself these 3 questions first.

3 questions to ask yourself before you next buy ATV spraying equipment:

1. “What Tank Size Do I Need?”

ATV sprayers usually have 30, 50 or 100 litre tanks,  so selecting the best size for your purpose is often a case of balancing your requirements with safety.

The Bigger is better theory doesn’t really apply here, as 100 litres (100kg when full) can be bloody tricky to manage as the tank empties and the weight of the liquid moves around.

The most popular tank size is 50 litres, which has the capacity to suit most applications whilst being a safer option by comparison (especially if you have a hilly farm where rolling your ATV could be an issue).

2. “What Mounting Style Is Best For Me?”

When comparing 12 Volt ATV sprayers, you can choose between a moulded or a fitted mounting system.

A moulded sprayer fits to the contour of your bike, and normally has a lower center of gravity (again, great if the risk of rolling is high on your farm). One draw-back of the moulded arrangement however is that it’s more permanent – most farmers will leave a moulded sprayer on their quad bike permanently as it’s a bit of an ordeal to attach and remove it as required.

A fitted sprayer on the other hand is attached to your bike using tie-down straps, so it’s easy to get on and off, thus allowing you to use your quad for other applications when the sprayer isn’t needed.

3. “How Durable Does It Need To Be?”

This really comes down to two things:

  1. How often you’ll be using the sprayer
  2. How long you’d like it to last

The heart of an ATV sprayer is it’s pump, so that’s what really needs to be protected when it comes to durability. If you’re the type of guy (or girl) who thrashes your gear, then look for a sprayer with a hard lid to protect the unit.

That’s my quick overview, but there’s obviously a bit more to it when it comes to getting the right piece of kit for your specific requirements.

If you’d like a hand picking the best ATV sprayer for you, then call me (Mike) on 07 847-7811.

Bertolini 12v Sprayer

Our most popular ATV Sprayer

There are plenty of 12v quad sprayers out there, but the best all-rounder in my opinion is the Bertolini ATV Quad Pro (Model: BAM50-LID)

  • 50 Litre tank
  • Fitted mounting (with tie-downs)
  • Durable Lid (also with storage compartment for tools, clean water etc)

And let’s not forget that most ATV sprayers have a huge range of accessories too (although that might need to be the subject of another article!).

Contact us to talk more about the Bertolini ATV Quad Pro or 12v ATV Sprayers in general, we’re here to help!

Cheers, Mike.

Spray Pump Lost Pressure? A Self-Help Guide To Fixing Your Pump

It’s bloody annoying when your sprayer let’s you down, and it’s often right when you need it!!

So follow this handy ‘self-help’ guide to diagnose the problem with your pump and avoid calling in the experts (that would be us!).

To fix your spray pump, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the pump suction filter working properly?

    • Is the suction filter blocked?
    • Is the suction filter sealing correctly? (check the o-ring)
  2. Is the pump suction line in good condition?

    • Is the PVC suction line cracked or hard?
    • Note: Even a suction line that will hold water can still to suck air which is no good!
  3. Are the pump fittings in good condition?

    • Check the joins/connection points to ensure all fittings are sealing correctly
  4. Are the pump valves operating fully?

    • Each valve seals the unit which stopps pressure loss – is there grass or a stone stopping it from sealing?
  5. Does the pump have a leak?Spray Pump Diagram

    • Is there an oil or water/chemical leak around the pump itself?
    • If the pump oil is white then it’s likely the chemical has mixed with oil – not ideal!
  6. Are the pump diaphragms in excellent condition?

    • Diaphragm’s can have a hard life, so check for any holes or foreign objects
    • Each diaphragm needs to be in great condition (eg, not perished)
  7. If your pump passes the checks above, check the pressure control (regulator)

    • Check that the manual valve operates fully
    • Check that the main (bypass) valve opens and shuts fully

If you’re still reading (or still stuck!) then call me (Mike) on 07 847-7811 and I can provide advice for your specific pump.

Spray Application Rates Demystified: How To Apply The Right Amount Of Product

Let’s be honest.

When it comes to working out the application rate for boom spraying it’s easy to come unstuck.

And when we stuff it up it’s a costly exercise. For instance, if we put on 10% more chemical than we need, the chemical ends up costing us 10% more than we planned.

It’s actually quite simple to apply the right amount of product once you know what factors to consider.

3 questions to ask yourself when calculating your spray application rate

1. “What pressure is running through my pump?”

  • Check the pressure gauge on your equipment (or call us if it’s not working!)
  • Most boom sprayers are around 3.5 bar which is about 50psi
  • Here’s a handy calculator if you need to switch beween PSI and Bar

2. “What colour (size) nozzles am I using?”

  • Nozzle size (and therefore flow-rate) is normally identified by nozzle colour
  • Most farmers use blue (#03), red (#04) or brown (#05) for general spraying
  • The examples below for boom spraying are the latest and greatest nozzles from AIXR TeeJet (these are great if your existing nozzles are a little tired)

AIXR TeeJet tips.

3. “How fast will I be driving?”

  • Level farms are suited to speeds of around 8-10 km/h, whereas hill country is normally more like 4 km/h
  • More important than the speed itself is the consistency of speed (to ensure even application)

So What’s Next?

With a handle on the above 3 things, use the chart below to find your desired application rate.

For example, if your product calls for 200 litres per hectare, here are two of the many options available:

  • 3 Bar pressure, Red (#04) nozzle, 9kph or
  • 1 Bar pressure, Blue (#03) nozzle, 4kph

Do you have your own application rate question? Leave a comment below, or call me (Mike) on 07 847-7811.

Application Rate Chart