How to increase bio-security for packhouses, orchards and farms


Vehicular traffic to your property can increase risk of disease transfer.

This can be a threat to your agricultural or horticultural business!

These include contractors, transport vehicles, or your own vehicle(s)

1. Have you considered what a possible infestation or bio-security risk would cost you in real money?

2. Is it time to assess your threat level?

  • Check the number of entry ports onto your property and visits made on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Check where your visitors have come from, the previous properties visited before yours.
  • Check the cleanliness of the visitor vehicles, open deck or closed deck trucks and trailers, visible soil loadings on       ledges, horizontal surfaces, is the soil wet or dry, is there build up of dirt and residue  in crevices and   undercarriages?
  • Check for current disease alerts for transportable and/or contagious threats relevant to your enterprise.


3.  Consider the solution to suit your site:


Options for vehicle bio-security treatment include;

  • Self-contained vehicular spray treatment system at the entry to your property. A drive through system capable of  automatically sensing the vehicle and applying the exact volume of disinfectant sanitizer on the exterior surfaces.
  • Spray gun and hose located at the entry for manual spray treatment by the vehicle driver/operator.
  • Daily pressure clean of vehicles with dosed with sanitizer by the driver /operator.
  • Pressure clean and sanitize related handling equipment such as loaders and forklifts.

Spray Pump Services supply spraying and sanitizing solutions for vehicles and machinery.


See or call 078477811.


We utilize accurate low drift – low volume nozzles for exterior surfaces and fine atomizing nozzles for confined hard to access surfaces.


Accuracy and application rate is controlled using industrial fogging technology, and customized solutions for windy locations are available.


The same system can become the traffic monitoring system when combined with motion cameras and even telemetry control.


Manual spraying and cleaning of vehicles:


We supply spraying accessories , components and systems to address bio-security threats for property and produce.


Essential components for cleaning and sanitizing are:

  • Pump system
  • Appropriate spray control valves or guns
  • Appropriate fluid line and components for affixing and connection to the pump system
  • The correct nozzle(s) to perform the cleaning or coating by fogging tasks
  • Appropriate water storage and sanitizing agent dosing system
  • Wash pad or spray station suitable for installation of the system you decide on
  • Appropriate signage and directions for system use for site personnel or drivers
  • Appropriate product for sanitizing or washing;


These products may include:

  1. Chlorine dioxide in various strength dilutions
  2. Various surfactants for dissolving soil bonds
  3. Odour control additives or masking agents


For technical assistance, systems hardware and advice call Spray Pump Services 078477811 or go to