5 Things You Can Do With A Three Point Linkage Sprayer On Your Farm

A good 3PTL Sprayer can take care of many jobs that you’d normally need other equipment for.

Here’s a small list:

1. Sanitising

  • Disinfect a large area with minimal hassle
  • Ideal for chicken, deer or goat farming and where ever hygiene levels are important

2. Water Blasting

  • It goes without saying, 3PTL sprayers can make great water blasters with up to 5000psi (depending on the pump model)

3. Multi-Gun Spraying

  • Have up to 3 guys working with sprayer guns from your 3PTL sprayer (forget the hassle of back-packs sprayers)
  • Perfect for medium pressure applications and applying something in a hurry

4. Fire Fighting

  • Great for controlling small scrub fires (although we didn’t tell you this!)

5. Water Trough Cleaning

  • Attach a suction device (sludge pump) to empty the water trough
  • Clean the empty trough using the high pressure sprayer
  • Use the surplus water to refill the trough and get on to the next job

Oh yeah, and you can use your three point linkage sprayer for regular stuff too like spraying paddocks.

If you’re struggling away with an ATV sprayer or you’re frustrated with your existing setup, let’s talk. Call me (Mike) on 07 847-7811.

Bertolini 650 Litre Farm Pack

Our most popular Three Point Linkage Sprayer

We have a large range of 3PTL sprayers available, although most popular is the Bertolini 650 Litre (Model: BA001-530FP-8)

  • 650 Litre tank
  • 55 Litre per minute pump
  • 8 Metre Boom

Check out the full specs or contact us to talk more about three point linkage sprayers for your farm.