5 things to look for on a back pack sprayer


Are you confused over small garden sprayer options?

How do you confidently decide which back pack sprayer is your ‘total cost of ownership’? Do you include longevity, serviceability, cost of down time due to poor quality and unreasonable component breakage and wear?

In this industry – getting what you pay for is very relevant ¬†– and the old adage of “the cheapest will do” will usually bite you – hard!

Especially with manually operated sprayers.

So smarten up now.

Here’s some common sense advice when searching for a good quality back pack sprayer.

  1. Check the industry standard for which brands are common to say City Council use, contractor use, property maintenance company usage etc
  2. Check back up service is locally available, i.e. parts, service and accessories.
  3. Check accessories are available for optimizing your tasks.
  4. Check the volume of the tank suits your operation.
  5. Check the technical information about the sprayer is relevant and current.

Back pack sprayer image

The above brands tick all the boxes for those main requirements!

Spray Pump Services sell and support garden sprayers with manufacturer support and spare parts available.

If you want confidence in your choice, get smart and email us now;