High pressure plunger pump solutions

High pressure and dirty water don’t mix because pumps can wear rapidly.

Unless you choose the right pump that is!

Aplex pumps are made for just this sort of job!

These are high strength industrial plunger pumps with pressure to 6500 psi (440 Bar) and flow to 2470LPM or 650USGPM!

Spray Pump Services supply heavy duty pumps and accessories to full custom engineered systems.

Aplex feature dependable 24/7 – 365 day operation in mining, industrial processing, filter systems and almost any application requiring trouble-free performance.

For no nonsense performance in severe environments, Aplex units are the answer!MA300_Image PumpAvailable in three and five cylinder models, super reliable, field serviceable, able to pump a wide range of corrosive fluids from acids to caustics. 

Below – injection of produced water from Coal Seam Gas pumped by MA60 45kW pumps, built and installed by Spray Pump Services.

Solid Energy CSG


Aplex pumps are suitable for;

* Mine de-watering

* Steel mill de-scaling

* Reverse osmosis

* Toxic and hazardous waste disposal

* Bentonite slurry pumping

* Food processing

* Water well fracking

* Water blasting and process washing.

RO-Series SC-Series

A large range of performance configurations are available.

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