How water blasting saves time and money!

Its simple really, time is money for most people.

Its a double win – win when you save both, or a double lose – lose when you don’t.

So how do you plan for your next water blast job or contract?

By matching the equipment with the work for profitability – its a no-brainer!

If the job requires 4000 psi and 30 litres per minute, why would you want less than that – do you actually want to be uneconomic – of course you don’t!

In fact why not have margin for reliability and speed, you wouldn’t risk a ‘just enough’ plant and equipment to provide your next meal would you?

You will never regret having more than enough power to make your customers confident.

From 2000psi to 40,000psi, Spray Pump Services provides industrial water blast solutions. Select the pumps and accessories to achieve your work rate from Spray Pump Services.

X Series Jetstream trailer and skid units from 5000 to 40000psi – 150Hp to 325Hp


40000 and 20000 X-series water blast trailer units


40000psi skid water blast system

For serious work rates and extended operation periods, these heavy duty units really deliver!




For general contracting and standard high pressure work the smaller trailer and trolley units are efficient and economic, from 13Hp to 24Hp petrol and up to 100Hp diesel for standard drain and culvert cleaning work.

BAP 13Hp

13Hp petrol water blast trolley unit


3000psi to 5000psi compact trailer water blast trailers
to 24Hp

3000psi and up to 21LPM  and  5000psi and up to 33LPM,

High quality components are the smart choice.




Inframax drain cleaner left side again2

2500psi 130LPM drain cleaning trailer 80Hp diesel powered

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