Fence line and drain spraying systems

Accurate vegetation control for fence lines and drains must be environment friendly.

It indicates a property as being managed carefully and thoughtfully.

Spray Pump Services assist with technical information regarding;

Nozzles selection

Spraying pressure

Spray coverage (target swath measurement) and spacing

Sprayer calibration and adjustment

Spray distribution, droplet size and drift information

That’s why care should be taken when adding a drain or boundary spraying accessory to your sprayer.

  • For drain treatment you may consider the following features:

Central nozzle alignment (over centre of the drain) and as low as possible

Anti-drift nozzle style with anti-drip nozzle body mount

Fast action spray valve – preferably solenoid operated

Easily managed spray boom arm, front end loader attachment is good!

Glyphosate is the only recommended product for this application!

AIUB nozzle

Air Induction Under Banding nozzle

AIEVS spray

Air Induction Even spray SS orifice nozzle

AI cutaway

Cut away of Air Induction nozzle

TeeJet Air Induction banding nozzles are perfect for drain and boundary spraying!

 Air induction nozzles entrain air into the fluid stream increasing the mass and size of the droplets. Large droplets are proportionally more resistant to drift increasing the accuracy and application rate, increased efficacy for maximum efficiency.

They are ideal for precise spraying in and around sensitive environments.

Double swivel nozzle body

Double swivel nozzle body

A144A DirectoValve

12V solenoid valve








Double swivel nozzle bodies area popular choice for drain weed control, optional solenoid valves are available in most configurations for spraying.

For your nozzle support design, use TeeJet components and Bertolini equipment.

Under-tree boom arm option

Under-tree boom arm option

There are numerous fence-line and boundary accessories for accurate weed spraying.

Nozzle mounting locations include on your boom ends, custom nozzle boom support from existing 3PTL rig frames, tractor front end loader attachments with boom extension brackets.

XP BoomJet

XP BoomJet

XP BoomJet fert style boom

XP BoomJet fert style boom








XP BoomJets are an excellent choice for accurate boundary spraying with good drift control, utilizing a long reach from the boom arm ends.

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