Do you want a serious wheel and underbody wash?

A couple of years ago we assisted in the installation of a wheel wash system.

It was for a mining contracting company with a history of difficult to remove vehicle clay dropping onto public roads.

A succession of drive through system wheel wash styles were used over several years.

Some worked better than others but the performance wasn’t quite there!

The offending clay was particularly stubborn to remove.

We settled on a design to convert the maximum available power to solving this question.

We installed a heavy duty pump with a potent combination of high impact static and rotating nozzles.

The clients attention to heavy duty construction also paid off well!

See for yourself!

Key requirements are:

  • Have sufficient power available for the site, we use 50 Hp pumps
  • Have sufficient clean water available for daily use, we use 3 X 30000L tanks
  • Ensure approach and egress are easily negotiated
  • Ensure operational management is sound – regular waste content removal
  • Simple control and valve operation

The client is now satisfied with this systems performance as it fully addresses the problem.

We specialize in applying water power for solutions.

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