Biosecurity for vehicles at the farm gate


Have you considered the potential threat to your business at the access points to your property?

Vehicles entering your property without undergoing even a basic sanitising treatment can be like playing roulette!


Transporting produce and livestock can be a risk to many bacteria and disease vulnerable businesses.

Lets face it, trucks, vans, private vehicles – entering your property – how do you know where they’ve been???

What’s hitching a ride and looking for a new home???

*Apart from the stress it can cause, the economic ramifications can be colossal!

*Then there’s the frustration of deciding how to combat this threat.

*So… how are you going to deal with this problem?

Here’s a way!

Install a Kiwi Guard Vehicle Biosecurity system.Kiwiguard install Birchwood 6

This is a robust automatic vehicle spraying system designed for simple and quick deployment with reliable operation.  Just watch this!

Highly suitable for most entry ports and gateways, multiple industry applications.

Farms, orchards, poultry farms and companies, pack houses, stock feed companies any site with an entry or exit gate with a 4m X 4m flat section of driveway.

The entire vehicle is covered – with no direct involvement from the driver.

All he has to do is wait for the green light and drive through the boom – slowly – then go!

Pretty simple really, the good points include:

*Stand alone modular system – easy assembly

*Automatic dosing system for sanitising or anti-viral agents.

*Pump and tank system with simple control program and safety features.

*It only requires a garden hose and single phase 240V power to operate.


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