Vehicle Biosecurity made simple

Transporting produce and livestock can be a risk to many bacteria and disease vulnerable businesses.

Lets face it, trucks, vans, private vehicles – entering your property – how do you know where they’ve been???

What’s hitching a ride and looking for a new home???


*Apart from the stress it can cause, the economic ramifications can be colossal!

*Then there’s the frustration of deciding how to combat this threat.

*So… how are you going to deal with this problem?

Here’s a way!

Install a Kiwi Guard Vehicle Biosecurity system.Kiwiguard install Birchwood 6

This is a robust automatic vehicle spraying system designed for simple and quick deployment with reliable operation.

The entire vehicle is covered – with no direct involvement from the driver.

All he has to do is wait for the green light and drive through the boom – slowly – then go!

Pretty simple really, the good points include:

*Stand alone modular system – easy assembly

*Automatic dosing system for sanitising or anti-viral agents.

*Pump and tank system with simple control program and safety features.

*It only requires a garden hose and single phase 240V power to operate.

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