How to get the best impact for your transport company.

We have noticed our clients who use professional fleet cleaning systems think the same!

All are proud of their vehicles and keep a regular grooming regime using our truck washing systems.

Here at Spray Pump Services we deliver professional pressure washing equipment for vehicle fleets.

These are not just water blasters – they are specifically designed for the transport industry.

Our Fleetwash machines enable the business owner to make a statement to their customers by;

  • 1   Maximizing your signage, paintwork and special effects etc.

This marketing costs a lot, and you are crippling yourself by allowing it to be obscured by road film and dirt.

  • 2  Being particular about the exterior condition of your vehicle conveys similar care and pride taken with your customers products.

People notice details like cleanliness and vehicle surface conditions – especially when their products are close by.

  • 3   A tidy and clean vehicle appearance usually associates with well maintained efficiency.

An efficiently run company gives your customer confidence in their choice of carrier for their goods.

Our professional machines give you the advantage when washing your vehicle.

KiwiGuard Fleetwash 1

Entry level Fleetwash systems starts with the 240V single phase 2.2kW electric Kiwiguard Fleetwash.

This exceptionally robust unit features simple operation, heavy frame and neoprene filled rubber tyres.- No flat tyres!

It  also features a reliable industry standard detergent dispenser system ensuring accurate chemical dosing.

A heavy duty, over engineered 1450RPM pump /motor with 13LPM and 90 Bar (Pumps are rated to 210 Bar) is included.

A simple diversion valve controls detergent or rinsing mode.

Detergent is automatically mixed into solution in the on-board tank ready for covering your vehicle with activated product.

This is a very rugged mobile unit with efficient water consumption, suitable for single user and small fleets.


It is suitable for small to medium size fleets with high daily duty cycle.

KiwiGuard Fleetwash 3

Large fleet systems generally consider the efficient three phase electric versions.

This heavy duty stationary 400V three phase 5.5kW system features a  self-diagnostic electronic control system.

It utilizes heavy duty components from 15LPM to 21LPM and 2000 to 3000psi if required.

An integral water flow actuated flow proportional dose pump manages accurate chemical control


This system is highly suitable for medium to large fleets with high duty cycles for cleaning regimes.

Our systems all maximize detergent efficiency by delivering the exact dose to clean your vehicle.

They accept all industrial concentrated detergent brands.

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