5 points to look for in back pack sprayers

Are you confused over back pack and garden sprayer options?

How do you confidently decide which back pack sprayer is your ideal choice?

Do you include serviceability, spare parts and expert advice in your decision?

In this industry, ‘getting what you pay for’ is very relevant – and with manually operated sprayers ‘getting the cheapest will do’ will usually bite you – hard!

Here’s some common sense advice for choosing a back pack sprayer:

  1. Look for recognized brands – check what parks and council staff use – ask property maintenance contractors about their choices
  2. Check if those brands have agents and back-up service locally available
  3. Check that accessories are available to optimize your tasks
  4. Check the tank volume suits your operations
  5. Check that technical information is relevant and current – ask the experts!

Back pack sprayer image

Spray Pump Services recognize the above brands as having;

  • Consistent quality
  • Spare parts and serviceability
  • Alternative small pump-up aprayer models available
  • Manufacturers support
  • Excellent value for all industries

Call the experts at Spray Pump Services for the right advice and be confident in your choice. Check the website – www.spraypumpservices.co.nz and get us on:


or phone on 07 8477811   or    0800477811