Want to automate pressure cleaning?

Efficiency gains from automating a pressure cleaning operation can have an early pay back!

Technical details can often overshadow the long term benefits – you just have to start with the basics.

First stop is to establish the real financial cost of your existing manually operated system – if you have one.

Or – consider the new opportunities available;

  1. Higher more consistent levels of cleanliness
  2. Lower water and energy use
  3. Safer and simpler operations for personnel

Modern technology offers a wider range of accessories and nozzles for process washing or treatment.

Product washing  – or washing product handling equipment with an automatic system is an obvious saving.

Spray Pump Services have extensive experience in nozzle and pumping systems for in-line systems.

Repetitive, dangerous and dirty applications may require a robot for control.

If you already have an experienced robotic system integrator, adapting a suitable system is achievable.

Applications include;

  1. Humidifying (environment moisture control or disinfecting)
  2. Atomizing (fogging or misting for wetting or coating surfaces)
  3. Cooling (after heat inducing operations)
  4. Washing (single pass application, cold or hot water with or without detergent agents)
  5. High impingement (for rapid cleaning or cutting soft tissue)
  6. Multiple impact (for pressure scrubbing surfaces)
  7. Deburring (removing casting flashes and sharp edges for metal and ceramic surfaces)
  8. Descaling (Post heat treatment of metals)

As with all treatment processes, reducing human involvement reduces risk.

This can be achieved successfully by doing the following things;

  • Keep the operation as simple as it needs to be – minimum movement where possible.
  • Incorporate easy control for operators.
  • Fully shroud the treatment with a well thought out enclosure.
  • Engineer good access for preventative maintenance activities.
  • Incorporate adequate drainage and a self-clean cycle if possible.
  • Employ safety devices everywhere possible.

Contact Spray Pump Services for the appropriate plunger pumps suitable for automated systems:

Spray Pump Services provide the key proprietary components and accessories such as;

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Nozzles
  • Couplings, connectors and swivels
  • Strainers and filters
  • Pressure switches
  • Pressure hoses

Spray Pump Services offer the specialist equipment and advice for y0ur application.