Spray Pump Lost Pressure? A Self-Help Guide To Fixing Your Pump

It’s bloody annoying when your sprayer let’s you down, and it’s often right when you need it!!

So follow this handy ‘self-help’ guide to diagnose the problem with your pump and avoid calling in the experts (that would be us!).

To fix your spray pump, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the pump suction filter working properly?

    • Is the suction filter blocked?
    • Is the suction filter sealing correctly? (check the o-ring)
  2. Is the pump suction line in good condition?

    • Is the PVC suction line cracked or hard?
    • Note: Even a suction line that will hold water can still to suck air which is no good!
  3. Are the pump fittings in good condition?

    • Check the joins/connection points to ensure all fittings are sealing correctly
  4. Are the pump valves operating fully?

    • Each valve seals the unit which stopps pressure loss – is there grass or a stone stopping it from sealing?
  5. Does the pump have a leak?Spray Pump Diagram

    • Is there an oil or water/chemical leak around the pump itself?
    • If the pump oil is white then it’s likely the chemical has mixed with oil – not ideal!
  6. Are the pump diaphragms in excellent condition?

    • Diaphragm’s can have a hard life, so check for any holes or foreign objects
    • Each diaphragm needs to be in great condition (eg, not perished)
  7. If your pump passes the checks above, check the pressure control (regulator)

    • Check that the manual valve operates fully
    • Check that the main (bypass) valve opens and shuts fully

If you’re still reading (or still stuck!) then call me (Mike) on 07 847-7811 and I can provide advice for your specific pump.