5 Things You Can Do With A Three Point Linkage Sprayer On Your Farm

A good 3PTL Sprayer can take care of many jobs that you’d normally need other equipment for.

Here’s a small list:

1. Sanitising

  • Disinfect a large area with minimal hassle
  • Ideal for chicken, deer or goat farming and where ever hygiene levels are important

2. Water Blasting

  • It goes without saying, 3PTL sprayers can make great water blasters with up to 5000psi (depending on the pump model)

3. Multi-Gun Spraying

  • Have up to 3 guys working with sprayer guns from your 3PTL sprayer (forget the hassle of back-packs sprayers)
  • Perfect for medium pressure applications and applying something in a hurry

4. Fire Fighting

  • Great for controlling small scrub fires (although we didn’t tell you this!)

5. Water Trough Cleaning

  • Attach a suction device (sludge pump) to empty the water trough
  • Clean the empty trough using the high pressure sprayer
  • Use the surplus water to refill the trough and get on to the next job

Oh yeah, and you can use your three point linkage sprayer for regular stuff too like spraying paddocks.

If you’re struggling away with an ATV sprayer or you’re frustrated with your existing setup, let’s talk. Call me (Mike) on 07 847-7811.

Bertolini 650 Litre Farm Pack

Our most popular Three Point Linkage Sprayer

We have a large range of 3PTL sprayers available, although most popular is the Bertolini 650 Litre (Model: BA001-530FP-8)

  • 650 Litre tank
  • 55 Litre per minute pump
  • 8 Metre Boom

Check out the full specs or contact us to talk more about three point linkage sprayers for your farm.

5 things to look for on a back pack sprayer


Are you confused over small garden sprayer options?

How do you confidently decide which back pack sprayer is your ‘total cost of ownership’? Do you include longevity, serviceability, cost of down time due to poor quality and unreasonable component breakage and wear?

In this industry – getting what you pay for is very relevant  – and the old adage of “the cheapest will do” will usually bite you – hard!

Especially with manually operated sprayers.

So smarten up now.

Here’s some common sense advice when searching for a good quality back pack sprayer.

  1. Check the industry standard for which brands are common to say City Council use, contractor use, property maintenance company usage etc Continue reading

How to increase bio-security for packhouses, orchards and farms


Vehicular traffic to your property can increase risk of disease transfer.

This can be a threat to your agricultural or horticultural business!

These include contractors, transport vehicles, or your own vehicle(s)

1. Have you considered what a possible infestation or bio-security risk would cost you in real money?

2. Is it time to assess your threat level?

  • Check the number of entry ports onto your property and visits made on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Check where your visitors have come from, the previous properties visited before yours.
  • Check the cleanliness of the visitor vehicles, open deck or closed deck trucks and trailers, visible soil loadings on       ledges, horizontal surfaces, is the soil wet or dry, is there build up of dirt and residue  in crevices and   undercarriages?
  • Check for current disease alerts for transportable and/or contagious threats relevant to your enterprise.


3.  Consider the solution to suit your site:


Options for vehicle bio-security treatment include;

  • Self-contained vehicular spray treatment system at the entry to your property. A drive through system capable of  automatically sensing the vehicle and applying the exact volume of disinfectant sanitizer on the exterior surfaces.
  • Spray gun and hose located at the entry for manual spray treatment by the vehicle driver/operator.
  • Daily pressure clean of vehicles with dosed with sanitizer by the driver /operator.
  • Pressure clean and sanitize related handling equipment such as loaders and forklifts.

Spray Pump Services supply spraying and sanitizing solutions for vehicles and machinery.


See www.spraypumpservices.co.nz or call 078477811.


We utilize accurate low drift – low volume nozzles for exterior surfaces and fine atomizing nozzles for confined hard to access surfaces.


Accuracy and application rate is controlled using industrial fogging technology, and customized solutions for windy locations are available.


The same system can become the traffic monitoring system when combined with motion cameras and even telemetry control.


Manual spraying and cleaning of vehicles:


We supply spraying accessories , components and systems to address bio-security threats for property and produce.


Essential components for cleaning and sanitizing are:

  • Pump system
  • Appropriate spray control valves or guns
  • Appropriate fluid line and components for affixing and connection to the pump system
  • The correct nozzle(s) to perform the cleaning or coating by fogging tasks
  • Appropriate water storage and sanitizing agent dosing system
  • Wash pad or spray station suitable for installation of the system you decide on
  • Appropriate signage and directions for system use for site personnel or drivers
  • Appropriate product for sanitizing or washing;


These products may include:

  1. Chlorine dioxide in various strength dilutions
  2. Various surfactants for dissolving soil bonds
  3. Odour control additives or masking agents


For technical assistance, systems hardware and advice call Spray Pump Services 078477811 or go to www.spraypumpservices.co.nz



High pressure plunger pump solutions

High pressure and dirty water don’t mix because pumps can wear rapidly.

Unless you choose the right pump that is!

Aplex pumps are made for just this sort of job!

These are high strength industrial plunger pumps with pressure to 6500 psi (440 Bar) and flow to 2470LPM or 650USGPM!

Spray Pump Services supply heavy duty pumps and accessories to full custom engineered systems.

Aplex feature dependable 24/7 – 365 day operation in mining, industrial processing, filter systems and almost any application requiring trouble-free performance.

For no nonsense performance in severe environments, Aplex units are the answer!MA300_Image PumpAvailable in three and five cylinder models, super reliable, field serviceable, able to pump a wide range of corrosive fluids from acids to caustics. 

Below – injection of produced water from Coal Seam Gas pumped by MA60 45kW pumps, built and installed by Spray Pump Services.

Solid Energy CSG


Aplex pumps are suitable for;

* Mine de-watering

* Steel mill de-scaling

* Reverse osmosis

* Toxic and hazardous waste disposal

* Bentonite slurry pumping

* Food processing

* Water well fracking

* Water blasting and process washing.

RO-Series SC-Series

A large range of performance configurations are available.

Talk to us for your engineered pressure pumping solutions!

Contact Spray Pump Services at:


or   078477811 or   0800477811

How to control dust

Spray Pump Services have installed a number of fogging applications for dust control, heat and odour mitigation.

We engineer custom systems for each application to maximize efficiency.

Our Mist Monster fan assist foggers can control dust in large open environments.

They offer protection against toxic contaminants made airborne by transfer, hazardous dust that limits vision and breathing.

They target dust emanation hot spots reducing injury risk to personnel in busy environments.

See how Mist Monsters work on –


Mist Monsters are ideal for rapid deployment, use little water and power to operate.

Easy to operate with up to 40 metres range, they include an odour control dosing system and can be easily set-up by one person.

Call Spray Pump Services on 07 8477811 or get us on;




Easy boat wash system

Want to save time, effort and water? Then check this out!

Earlier this year Spray Pump Services designed and supplied the core equipment for a boat rinse-off system.

The brief was to provide enough force to remove evaporated salt water residue and loose organic matter from the exterior surfaces – without manual hosing or chemicals.

It provides a controlled efficient and quick rinse down with minimum water volume and boosted pressure with no damage to the surfaces being treated.

Initially hot water was also considered to dissolve the salt rapidly, but sufficient pressure and ambient temperature water achieved the desired result.

The client was satisfied with his investment and the project was a success.

See it work on  boatwash – YouTube

Spray Pump Services provide the pressure solutions required for vehicles, boats, plant and machinery – for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic applications.

We utilize pressure, volume and nozzle technology to save you resources and time.

Call us on 078477811 – or get us at –  info@spraypump.co.nz


Fence line and drain spraying systems

Accurate vegetation control for fence lines and drains must be environment friendly.

It indicates a property as being managed carefully and thoughtfully.

Spray Pump Services assist with technical information regarding;

Nozzles selection

Spraying pressure

Spray coverage (target swath measurement) and spacing

Sprayer calibration and adjustment

Spray distribution, droplet size and drift information

That’s why care should be taken when adding a drain or boundary spraying accessory to your sprayer.

  • For drain treatment you may consider the following features:

Central nozzle alignment (over centre of the drain) and as low as possible

Anti-drift nozzle style with anti-drip nozzle body mount

Fast action spray valve – preferably solenoid operated

Easily managed spray boom arm, front end loader attachment is good!

Glyphosate is the only recommended product for this application!

AIUB nozzle

Air Induction Under Banding nozzle

AIEVS spray

Air Induction Even spray SS orifice nozzle

AI cutaway

Cut away of Air Induction nozzle

TeeJet Air Induction banding nozzles are perfect for drain and boundary spraying!

 Air induction nozzles entrain air into the fluid stream increasing the mass and size of the droplets. Large droplets are proportionally more resistant to drift increasing the accuracy and application rate, increased efficacy for maximum efficiency.

They are ideal for precise spraying in and around sensitive environments.

Double swivel nozzle body

Double swivel nozzle body

A144A DirectoValve

12V solenoid valve








Double swivel nozzle bodies area popular choice for drain weed control, optional solenoid valves are available in most configurations for spraying.

For your nozzle support design, use TeeJet components and Bertolini equipment.

Under-tree boom arm option

Under-tree boom arm option

There are numerous fence-line and boundary accessories for accurate weed spraying.

Nozzle mounting locations include on your boom ends, custom nozzle boom support from existing 3PTL rig frames, tractor front end loader attachments with boom extension brackets.

XP BoomJet

XP BoomJet

XP BoomJet fert style boom

XP BoomJet fert style boom








XP BoomJets are an excellent choice for accurate boundary spraying with good drift control, utilizing a long reach from the boom arm ends.

Spray Pump Services supply components and accessories to enhance most spraying systems – for advice and quality spraying equipment, contact us on;



info@spraypump.co.nz and see us on www.spraypumpservices.co.nz


How water blasting saves time and money!

Its simple really, time is money for most people.

Its a double win – win when you save both, or a double lose – lose when you don’t.

So how do you plan for your next water blast job or contract?

By matching the equipment with the work for profitability – its a no-brainer!

If the job requires 4000 psi and 30 litres per minute, why would you want less than that – do you actually want to be uneconomic – of course you don’t!

In fact why not have margin for reliability and speed, you wouldn’t risk a ‘just enough’ plant and equipment to provide your next meal would you?

You will never regret having more than enough power to make your customers confident.

From 2000psi to 40,000psi, Spray Pump Services provides industrial water blast solutions. Select the pumps and accessories to achieve your work rate from Spray Pump Services.

X Series Jetstream trailer and skid units from 5000 to 40000psi – 150Hp to 325Hp


40000 and 20000 X-series water blast trailer units


40000psi skid water blast system

For serious work rates and extended operation periods, these heavy duty units really deliver!




For general contracting and standard high pressure work the smaller trailer and trolley units are efficient and economic, from 13Hp to 24Hp petrol and up to 100Hp diesel for standard drain and culvert cleaning work.

BAP 13Hp

13Hp petrol water blast trolley unit


3000psi to 5000psi compact trailer water blast trailers
to 24Hp

3000psi and up to 21LPM  and  5000psi and up to 33LPM,

High quality components are the smart choice.




Inframax drain cleaner left side again2

2500psi 130LPM drain cleaning trailer 80Hp diesel powered

For more information on how to select the right equipment and system, contact us on

Spray Pump Services


07 8477811

0800477811 or see us on www.spraypumpservices.co.nz




Biosecurity for vehicles at the farm gate


Have you considered the potential threat to your business at the access points to your property?

Vehicles entering your property without undergoing even a basic sanitising treatment can be like playing roulette!


Transporting produce and livestock can be a risk to many bacteria and disease vulnerable businesses.

Lets face it, trucks, vans, private vehicles – entering your property – how do you know where they’ve been???

What’s hitching a ride and looking for a new home???

*Apart from the stress it can cause, the economic ramifications can be colossal!

*Then there’s the frustration of deciding how to combat this threat.

*So… how are you going to deal with this problem?

Here’s a way!

Install a Kiwi Guard Vehicle Biosecurity system.Kiwiguard install Birchwood 6

This is a robust automatic vehicle spraying system designed for simple and quick deployment with reliable operation.  Just watch this!


Highly suitable for most entry ports and gateways, multiple industry applications.

Farms, orchards, poultry farms and companies, pack houses, stock feed companies any site with an entry or exit gate with a 4m X 4m flat section of driveway.

The entire vehicle is covered – with no direct involvement from the driver.

All he has to do is wait for the green light and drive through the boom – slowly – then go!

Pretty simple really, the good points include:

*Stand alone modular system – easy assembly

*Automatic dosing system for sanitising or anti-viral agents.

*Pump and tank system with simple control program and safety features.

*It only requires a garden hose and single phase 240V power to operate.


Want more good info – contact Spray Pump Services  on

sales@spraypump.co.nz  or 07  8477811  or  0800477811.



ATV Sprayers: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy Your Next ATV Sprayer

Are you in the market for a 12 Volt All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) sprayer for your farm? Ask yourself these 3 questions first.

3 questions to ask yourself before you next buy ATV spraying equipment:

1. “What Tank Size Do I Need?”

ATV sprayers usually have 30, 50 or 100 litre tanks,  so selecting the best size for your purpose is often a case of balancing your requirements with safety.

The Bigger is better theory doesn’t really apply here, as 100 litres (100kg when full) can be bloody tricky to manage as the tank empties and the weight of the liquid moves around.

The most popular tank size is 50 litres, which has the capacity to suit most applications whilst being a safer option by comparison (especially if you have a hilly farm where rolling your ATV could be an issue).

2. “What Mounting Style Is Best For Me?”

When comparing 12 Volt ATV sprayers, you can choose between a moulded or a fitted mounting system.

A moulded sprayer fits to the contour of your bike, and normally has a lower center of gravity (again, great if the risk of rolling is high on your farm). One draw-back of the moulded arrangement however is that it’s more permanent – most farmers will leave a moulded sprayer on their quad bike permanently as it’s a bit of an ordeal to attach and remove it as required.

A fitted sprayer on the other hand is attached to your bike using tie-down straps, so it’s easy to get on and off, thus allowing you to use your quad for other applications when the sprayer isn’t needed.

3. “How Durable Does It Need To Be?”

This really comes down to two things:

  1. How often you’ll be using the sprayer
  2. How long you’d like it to last

The heart of an ATV sprayer is it’s pump, so that’s what really needs to be protected when it comes to durability. If you’re the type of guy (or girl) who thrashes your gear, then look for a sprayer with a hard lid to protect the unit.

That’s my quick overview, but there’s obviously a bit more to it when it comes to getting the right piece of kit for your specific requirements.

If you’d like a hand picking the best ATV sprayer for you, then call me (Mike) on 07 847-7811.

Bertolini 12v Sprayer

Our most popular ATV Sprayer

There are plenty of 12v quad sprayers out there, but the best all-rounder in my opinion is the Bertolini ATV Quad Pro (Model: BAM50-LID)

  • 50 Litre tank
  • Fitted mounting (with tie-downs)
  • Durable Lid (also with storage compartment for tools, clean water etc)

And let’s not forget that most ATV sprayers have a huge range of accessories too (although that might need to be the subject of another article!).

Contact us to talk more about the Bertolini ATV Quad Pro or 12v ATV Sprayers in general, we’re here to help!

Cheers, Mike.